Governance Committee – officers, succession plan, bylaws updating, legal

Rick DePonte, Chair Scott Miller

Budget Committee – budget formation

Scott Miller, Chair Michael Burke

Patient/Hospital/Hosting Committee – healthcare delivery and home hosting

Gloria Lara, Chair Keli Jo Hause, Executive Director John Abbs, President

Major Gifts, Foundation Grants, Corporate Grants & Rotary Grants – provide research, planning, strategy, writing of applications, follow-up and making contacts to obtain planned dollar GOALS

Michael Burke, Chair Frank Rosenberg

Fund Development

Scott Smith, Chair

Rotary Clubs and Other Organizations – provide Rotary District Newsletter articles and presentations to obtain planned dollar GOALS and GOL-AZ exposure to both Rotary Clubs, PETS, Rotary Zone Conference and non-Rotary organizations

Pam Cohen, Chair Michael Burke

Public Relations and Marketing Support – website, Internet, electronic newsletter, press releases, marketing brochures, videos/DVDs

Pam Cohen, Chair Chuck Flint